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The crime of identity theft occurs whenever a person fraudulently utilizes another individual’s personal information for their own benefit. A single stolen identity can be used repeatedly to:
  • Open new credit accounts
  • Hijack existing benefit and healthcare accounts
  • Empty bank accounts
  • Apply for jobs and tax benefits
  • Use as an alias when committing other crimes

In fact, many of the activities you do every day can put you at risk for identity theft:

  • Online shopping - Although most sites are safe, there is always the chance for a data breach.
  • Visiting a doctor’s office - Documents with names, social security numbers and addresses should be safely stored. But what if they aren’t?
  • Using a mobile device - Using a wireless connection, especially in a public location, can increase the risk of personal information being hacked by identity thieves.
  • Mailing a letter - Thousands of people receive and discard pre-approved credit card offers every day. Thieves without regard to your privacy dig through trash to obtain this personal information and open fraudulent accounts.

Guaranteed Restoration

If the worst happens and you become the victim of identity theft while covered by IdentaSafe, a certified specialist will assist you in restoring your identity to pre-theft status. Our full-service Identity Restoration service goes beyond traditional credit report restoration, offering robust case knowledge in non-credit restoration, including payday loans, IRS, DMV and court records.

Additional benefits include:

  • Elimination of out-of-pocket expenses related to recovering from identity theft
  • Reduced time and effort on your behalf in a process that could take hundreds of hours without dedicated help

In addition, our Identity Theft Insurance, with zero deductible, reimburses you for expenses related to identity theft restoration, including replacement of documents, traveling expenses, loss of income, child/elderly care, fraudulent withdrawals from a bank account and legal costs, up to $1,000,000.*

* The $1 million insurance policy is underwritten by an AM Best A-rated carrier. Coverage is subject to the conditions and exclusions in the policy.